JQuery Library Called JSTree use To Make Nested CheckBoxes

I try to use in WordPress but it shows jstree is not a function in console At Header PHP File : <script src="<?php echo esc_url(

How to create a subcategory to a PAGE on WP?

I have a URL: www.example.com/banana-lp and I want to change it’s URL to www.example.com/lp/banana I have been searching for how to do this everywhere but

Pagination next_posts_link() and previous_posts_link() not working on wordpress custom post type

I have been trying to display next and previous page on my wordpress’s custom post type. But the links are not generating. What I’m doing

WordPress Login redirection issue

After successful login from wp-login page, unfortunately it was redirecting to homepage instead of dashboard. Can anyone help me for this type issue? Read more

WordPress Gravity form – Link to Add to Cart

I’m using Gravity Forms plugin in WordPress. In their documentation, it is mentioned that in order to append javascript on form button, I need to

WP Product Page Help needed

I’m trying to make this product page and have the items all in there but the problem is the pictures for each item are different

How to Run this Code on front page only, not on subpages of WordPress Index?

I want to show last 5 modified posts from a specific category called “Featured” on the front page just below the regular posts, but not

Application for a website

I want to develop for a website I already have, which is created using WordPress. I need the app to be able to upload data

Post page to display specific category

Here is the template code <?php /** * The template used for Home page ?> <section id="mosaicPosts"> <!-- MosaicPost--> <div id="mosaicTiles" class="clearfix"> <?php global $post;

Gravity forms fields id and value

Im trying to get entry value of gravity forms. I have these fields on my form: Email with field id 7 Products Interest with field

Gravity forms fields id

Im trying to get entry value of gravity forms. I have these fields on my form: Email with field id 7 Products Interest with field

Split posts into 2 separate streams

I have a blog of my travels during an adventure in India from last year (it is an amazing place!). I am about to head

How to show taxonomy in WordPress shortcode

I want to create shortcode like [genre] for WordPress. add_action( 'init', 'cptui_register_my_cpts_movie' ); function cptui_register_my_cpts_movie() { $labels = array( "name" => __( 'MOVIE', '' ),

HTML in for loop with variable

I was wondering if it was possible to use HTML inside a for loop while using a variable. So this works at the moment: <?php

WordPress PHP plugin code

Hi I need help with modifying the below PHP. Essentially I need to insert a separator in the output between $time & $Venue and turn

Copy specific table from one WordPress database to another

I recently discovered that my wordpress website (and it’s database) were compromised and corrupted for reasons that are unknown (according to my webhost, iPower). No

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