get_search_link does not work as expected

This question partly came from here, first I want to add custom search query variable for the theme: add_action('pre_get_posts', 'include_any_post_type_in_search'); function include_any_post_type_in_search($query) { if (!is_admin()

Force URLs in srcset attributes into HTTPS scheme

I put this code snippet into functions.php present in public_html/wp-includes and loaded my site. Now it results in 500 error on desktop version of my

Images use & location, on new wordpress theme

I am trying to migrate a website i hand coded myself and i have to make it a wordpress theme now. I’m having trouble using

www not solving on WordPress

When try to access to my website using www subdomain I’m getting the following error: Application is not available The application is currently not serving

Quickbooks woocommerce sync web connector

I am using a plugin called Quickbooks Integration Woocommerce. I am having some problems getting this to work correctly. There is a more recent version

About plugin wordpress

My website use: Plugin User role editor ( and WP Pro Quiz ( But Custom capabilities consist of: WpProQuiz add quiz WpProQuiz change settings WpProQuiz

How do I use multiple key/value pairs in $wpdb SQL?

This is a Real Estate site.. I’m trying to query postmeta for floor plan info (Bedrooms, Bathrooms etc. ) I can set it to use

Map option not showing up in wordpress template from

First time building a wordpress site. I bought a template from templatemonster. Here is the link. I’m doing ok filling the site up, but

I can’t get my URL rewrites to work AT ALL in WordPress

So basically I am trying to simply rewrite my URL and URL titles from> to> and make my URL title be shown in

Configuring SMTP Mailer WordPress plugin

I’m trying to configure a WordPress plugin called SMTP Mailer. I’ve tried with both my Gmail credentials and Yahoo credentials (and associated SMTP Host name,

Check if visit is from a search engine Php WordPress

I’m trying to check if a visit to my page is from any seatch engines (google, yahoo, ask etc…). What i am doing right now

Better usage of get_post_meta

What is the better way to get post meta from a post in a WordPress website? Way 1: $meta_1 = get_post_meta($post_ID, 'meta_key_1', true); $meta_2 =

Why my WordPress plugin options array not working

My php variable $ex_product_ids which contain value 18,63,72,91 & I have checked it using echo $ex_product_ids it show the value of my input field of

Admin panel reporting wrong plugin version

We are managing plugins as part of the git repository. We update a plugin through the admin panel, and the version number changes. We then

Run str_replace on title and save the output to a custom field

I need to a make a custom RSS template for my website and I’m having problems getting substr(the_title_rss(), 0, strpos(the_title_rss(), ' —')); to work on

fail2ban ipv6 support doesn’t work

I’ve installed fail2ban in my web hosting and it is monitoring wordpress login attemps through the access_log file. Once I configured fail2ban to filter wp

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