Woocommerce – How do I update price on a product when user selects a different variation of the product?

1st off – new to Woocommerce so patience please! I have 2 items under the same product & I tried using: $( “.variations_form” ).on( “woocommerce_variation_select_change”,

Woocommerce get customer/userid for subscription

I am trying to get the customer or userid of a given wc_subscription. Here is the code I have been using but fails. add_action( 'woocommerce_scheduled_subscription_trial_end',

WPML – get sorted list of all plugin languages, both active and inactive

I want to get a full list of all languages included in the WPML plugin, regardless of whether or not they were active. The function

how can you exclude one custom taxonomy from a loop?

I’m trying to exclude a custom taxonomy from a custom post type being looped. I tried posts__not_in and categories__not_in and operator => NOT IN(ID=59) but

How to change the wp_link_pages output markup?

I want to change the default output markup for the wp_link_pages function to unordered list. the default is : <p>Pages: 1 <a href="#">2</a> <a href="#">3</a>

Can’t Make Mobile Menu Appear Above Other Div

Trying to get the mobile menu icon to appear above the top header when going below 650px, however it is refusing to play ball. I

how to use react-scripts inside WordPress plugin

Is it posible to run react-scripts inside WordPress plugin page? if it’s how? what I done is npm install -g create-react-app create-react-app hello-world cd hello-world

get next and previuos category link in woocomerce category page

I have problem with getting next and previous categories link and name in woocmmerce. actually I found this but its just for normal wordpress categorys

Integrate 3rd party page to my wordpress website

I am new in wordpress. I have purchased some sms from a company. Login link is: isms.sslwireless.com I want to integrate this application to my

How to delete images in Media Library without deleting the file in server in wordpress

I have used a plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/best-import/ in oder to import all images from server into my wordpress media lirabry. Unfortunately, I had mistakenly uploaded many

Using MAMP to install wordpress and getting blank page

I am using MAMP to install wordpress on localhost and receive a blank page http://localhost:8888/wp-admin/setup-config.php?step=2 When I checking the error log PHP Warning: PHP Startup:

Temporary folder wordpress on apache2 ubuntu

I’m developing a new website in WordPress, the server is on my University and my problem is that i can’t import a xml file. Every

Why do I have WooCommerce orders, but no posts of type shop_order?

I have some 30 orders in my shop. I am trying to loop over all orders, but I can’t retrieve any orders. Here’s the code:

WooCommerce after subscription purchase, page redirected to broken page

I have a WordPress site with WooCommerce and two subscription products, a monthly and yearly. After signing up, an account is created for the user

Add div before the first paragraph the_content wordpress

I need to add a div before the first paragraph. Example: <div class="ads-site">ADS </div> <p>First Paragraph</p> <p>Second Paragraph</p> Read more here: Add div before the

WordPress bulk product price change

In my WordPress website I am having 5000+ products and some products with variable prices. I would like to increase all product price according to

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