how do i get client id and secret for setting up wordpress plugin

I am trying to setup WordPress plugin on Windows 10 mobile phone. I thoroughly read the instructions given on the installation page, but after clicking

Hexigon avatar in WordPress

I have the following code that fetches the avatar in wordpress... and I would like to add the following clippath into the avatar code.. clip-path="url(#myClip)"

Word press popular posts short code doesn’t make any excerpt of description

When I described below code in post_page, despite either excerpt of title or image of thumbnail was shown, the excerpt of dexcription could not be

Custom Post Type Metadata Not Saving

I created a client profile custom post type and have started creating the meta boxes and such for users to enter in information. While all

The page can not be updated

Edit the beginning of the page is normal, but when the content reaches a certain amount of time to update can not be completed Read

Get excerpt from $post->post_content

I am modifying the output of a plugin using a filter, and the $post variable is available to me, so I can display the post

Woocommerce – Badge next to pricing

I’m trying to add an icon next to a product that can be shipped in a different warehouse which means quicker delivery time. For example,

Stop Audio in WordPress

I am using the background video option in Divi (by elegant themes) in WordPress to show a 4 minute or so long video in the

How to display order total in woocommerce PDF invoice template

I am using woocommerce PDF invoice plugin and made some customization in PDF template. Now I cannot found any way to showing only order total

Rewriting default post_type ‘post’?

Is it possible to rewrite default post_type’s slug & doesn’t affect other custom post type’s slug? I mean, if change the permalink on the WP-ADMIN

Random Size on Featured Image

Hi guys wondering if anyone can help. I have this code that lists all sub pages, their featured image and title/link. What I’d like to

Is there a way to import more number of amazon products using woo commerce?

I am trying to build an amazon affiliate ecommerce website using wordpress. I have to manually import products(max 10) from amazon every time. Is there

position one widget under another in footer, in wordpress?

I’m trying to put my social media widget under my contact information widget (in the footer of the page), and not next to each other,

I plan to Lock my WordPress theme by license

i plan to design a professional wordpress theme and I don’t want people in my country use it free. i mean , I don’t want

Custom WordPress Page that shows parent content on child pages

I have created a custom page template which outputs testimonials if the slug for the testimonial category matches the page slug. What I want to

Create a MegaMenu using a walker and the start_lvl function

I’m trying to create a normal dropdown menu and a megamenu in WP by using a custom walker. The problem that I have is that

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