White screen of death on post save only

I’ve worked in WordPress many years and never seen this particular behaviour. The white screen of death only shows on Post Publish or Update. It

Multiply fee with quantity of product Woocommerce

I have this code and want to multiply the fees with the amount of the product that the person is selecting to buy. The ID

Set default timezone by city for new sites

I’ve searched thoroughly without much luck on this, but I’ve learned quite a few things. WP uses UTC and has also supported choosing by city

Displaying Custom Posts on a Page

I have created a page template and custom post type ‘pa’ that I want to display on the page template. I have the template created,

WordPress, adding rest-api support for multiple registered custom post types

I am currently trying to add rest-api support for multiple, registered custom post types on my wordpress site. Im completely new to php, so using

Woocommerce Product upsell

my question is very simple… I want to hide some products but still be able to “Upsell” them. now, if I hide any product form

Use sub-domain as main domain on wordpress

Is it possible to use a sub-domain keeping the main domain on single wordpress installation? Example: www.domain.com/permalink-of-the-post www.sub.domain.com/permalink-of-the-post I would like to make it, if

URL re-writes on BuddyPress members pages?

I’m using BuddyPress, bbPress forums, and several custom post types on my WordPress site. The way that the forums work, as well as my own

woocommerce if (is_product_category)

Need some help understanding why the code below isn’t working. Copied from the woocommerce docs page https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/conditional-tags/ and inserted into the theme (avada child theme)

wordpress rest api v2 how to list taxonomy terms?

i am new to v2, i use v1 for long time, currently upgrade to v2, i try to get all the terms belong to specific

Warning message shows up at top of page after entering Simple Custom CSS plugin

Warning : session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at C:Userssarah_000DocumentsInstantWP_4.5iwpserverhtdocswordpresswp-contentthemesenfoldconfig-templatebuilderavia-shortcodesmasonry_entries.php:32) The message above showed up on my page

Shortcode with WP_Query more than once on one page

I have problem I can not solve for several days – I have shortcode which displays table with my CPT posts and it works fine

How can I dynamically retrieve the custom taxonomy name of the attachments from the current post?

I’ve already applied a custom taxonomy to the media attachments. So I have a category ‘movies’. How can I dynamically print the custom taxonomy names/tags

Volunteer plug-in which allows potential volunteers to choose areas they want to help

I tried the volunteer plug-ins at https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/volunteer but they do not have an option to let a potential volunteer choose the area(cooking, cleaning, welcoming people

Reverse hover effect on posts

I’m building a website with WordPress, and the theme I am using has hover on post effect. I would like to reverse it, so the

How can I fix 404 error after add_rewrite_rule in WordPress

After I add a new rewrite rule, all pages of custom post type redirect to a 404 error. My URL permalinks are like so: myurl.com/home/?fish=black-crappie

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