404 on Woocommerce Category Pages, Permalink settings seem correct?

Antler Furniture/Antler Tables

I’ve looked at the other answers to this issue and they don’t appear to quite match my problem. My product and category pages work fine with my current Permalinks. EXCEPT one category, Furniture, and its subcategories. I can visit the Furniture page and it shows the subcategories, but the subcategory pages are giving 404s.
I have cleared the cache, I think my .htaccess file is properly configured (that was a problem in the past). Here’s the category setup:

And this is the 404 I get, you can see it’s not rendering the category/subcategory structure correctly:

Here’s the Permalink Structure I’m using. (all other category pages work perfectly):
Here’s the setup of one of the products from the Tables category:
product permalink
To me, it looks like the product has the correct permalink structure. Is there an error in the subcategory slug? Something is happening to change this: https://peakantlers.com/shop/product-category/antler-furniture/antler-tables
to this: https://peakantlers.com/product-category/antler-tables/
This is only happening with one Category, Furniture, and its 4 SubCategories. It’s not a bad link in the menu, because I can’t reach them by pasting the url directly into the browser either. I cleared my browser cache, and it happens on other computers.

I’ve thought about deleting the affected parent category, Furniture, and then recreating it and then re-saving permalinks….but even if it works, I won’t learn anything. I’d like to understand what’s causing it so whatever I did, I won’t do again. Hopefully, this will be a fix in the Settings somewhere and not a code fix 🙂

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