500 Error in local dev environment when fetching JS files

I’m running the following on my local Mac environment:

Built in Apache
PHP 7.0.3
MySQL 5.7

Not sure if it’s related, but after the latest update of Beaver Builder, I noticed that I was getting 500 internal response errors in the console for two JS files that BB basically calls when opening up the Builder’s GUI. They seem to be simple requests to include JS on the page in order to provide functionality and interactivity for the GUI.

Specifically they’re the http://mylocaldomain.test/?fl_builder&fl_builder_load_settings_config and http://mylocaldomain.test/?fl_builder&fl_builder_load_settings_config=modules are the request URLs if perchance someone has had this specific issue. These are passed to a respective src attribute for script elements created by JS when the Builder is initiated with the query parameter ?fl_builder.

The odd thing about these errors is that it appears I’m getting them intermittently. I’ve attempted to rename my .htaccess file and another one gets created, and I’ve attempted to deactivate all plugins and reactivate them with no luck. When I run the same install of WP in a Vagrant machine running Ubuntu with the same PHP/MySQL versions and on a separate Staging environment, I don’t receive these errors, which leads me to believe that it’s a Server settings issue on local.

Are there any specific settings I need to set in .htaccess or my httpd.conf file that are specific to WP?

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