Add city name field to shipping zone – Woocommerce

I’m using Departamentos y Ciudades de Colombia para Woocommerce plugin which transforms input field for city/town to select field in checkout section with prepopulated list of cities/town provided in plugin file.
I want to add the same city select field to the form to create shipping zones in Woocommerce. Although Woocommerce supports adding Continents/Countries/States/Postcodes but do not support adding city names in shipping zone. I can use postcodes but that doesn’t work as some countries do not support postcode system or they cover larger area on single postcode.

Can someone guide me on which classes or files of Woocommerce core needs to be extended so that it supports city names for shipping zones. I want to create shipping zones based on city names. I think methods of WC_Shipping_Zone needs to be overridden. Help me that which actions and filters of Woocommerce are of interest for the solution.

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