Add Custom Field to a template page backend

I need to add a custom field to the page of a recipe blog that as a specific post page for recipes. It has also a Custom Field sidebar backend menu where I can add a custom field with a custom name. Then I take this code name, and I’ve inserted like that

compiled the variables with that code, copied from another variable, that was yet in the theme:

<?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();
$recipe_sub_title = osetin_get_field(‘sub_title’);
$layout_type_for_recipe = osetin_get_settings_field(‘layout_type_for_single_recipe’, ‘half_left_image’);
$big_header_titled_image = false;
$recipe_cooking_time = osetin_get_field(‘recipe_cooking_time’);
$recipe_serves = osetin_get_field(‘recipe_serves’);
$recipe_difficulty_string = osetin_get_difficulty_string(osetin_get_field(‘recipe_difficulty’));
$cooking_temperature = osetin_get_field(‘recipe_cooking_temperature’);
$quick_description = osetin_get_field(‘quick_description’);
$details_position = osetin_get_settings_field(‘recipe_details_position’, ‘split’);
$considerations = osetin_get_field(‘considerations’);….. etc>>

consideration is the custom field. And then call it in the page position with that code

echo ‘<div>’.$considerations.'</div>’;

I don’t see it appear in the add recipe backend page, and nothing change also in the frontend page.
I miss something? I need to call it also in another place?
Thank you

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