Add this besides title instead of content

The code adds “Flag button” inside single post, under the content.
But my wordpress doesn´t have any single pages/posts. It just has a front page, search page and archive page.

I would like to add this whole function besides the title instead.

I have tested to replace

if ( is_singular( ‘post’ ) && ( $this->settings[‘content’] == ‘post’ || $this->settings[‘content’] == ‘post_and_page’ ) ) {
$this->post_type = ‘post’;


if ( is_home( ‘post’ ) && ( $this->settings[‘content’] == ‘post’ || $this->settings[‘content’] == ‘post_and_page’ ) ) {
$this->post_type = ‘post’;

But then when i click “Flag button” it opens all pop up windows instead of just one.

So there is a misstake somewhere. What can it be? And how do i make this function added correctly besides the title not besides content.

Read more here:: Add this besides title instead of content

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