Adding Typography Control to Elementor widget

I have created a widget in Elementor,now i would like to allow the fonts to be customizable

As per developer documentation it is said that the below code to be used for doing that.

‘name’ => ‘content_typography’,
‘label’ => __( ‘Typography’, ‘plugin-domain’ ),
‘scheme’ => Scheme_Typography::TYPOGRAPHY_1,
‘selector’ => ‘{{WRAPPER}} .text’,

I am targeting that “text”class but the fields are not showing up. when i add this a text field is only being getting generated . It is supposed to display input fields to define the content typography including font size, font family, font weight, text transform, font style, line height and letter spacing.

This is the link :

What could i possibly doing wrong?

Read more here:: Adding Typography Control to Elementor widget

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