Additional Custom Frontpage in Colormag Free theme

I am presently developing a site locally, using the Colormag Free wordpress theme. I have posted more than 300 posts of articles, which is the main content. I have a special section for posts containing readers’ questions and answers. My aim is to have a special “Frontpage” to be outputting the question and answer articles, which I will link in the menu.

I created a child theme, copy and pasted the content in “verbatim” into the new custom frontpage I created in the Child theme directory. I gave the custom page a different name, with different template name. However, when I load the page, it gave me the same content on the default frontpage. I tried deleting a widget from the new custom page for a test, but I discover that the same widget was deleted from the main front page.

How can I maintain a clean, empty custom front-page, to enable me output the Question and Answer posts, as a separate frontpage, please?

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