Advanced WordPress on Google Cloud Setup

Hii I am Maharshi,

     I build sites as my hobby I just try everything that makes WordPress site load better and better. I use google cloud as hosting service

What I have…

  1. webserver ( nginx + php-fpm )
  2. Percona server as mysql
  3. Memcached in front of percona server for caching.
  4. Redis for object caching
  5. Zend opcache
  6. Vestacp

What i want to archive ?

 I want to setup geo replicated WordPress site

• IN Detail •

 everything should be live geo replicated. All server should have exact same data ( including mysql ) at real time and changes to any locations server data should be instantly changed to all other servers visitor should able to access data from nearest location including authors,editors and more who will need access to dashboard 

What We Can Do and what Problems we are facing ?

  1. Google Global load balancing ( I want to setup load balancing ssl proxy because I want to use varnish cache and as everyone knows varnish doesn’t support ssl and I am using nginx as webserver so it is confusing to setup nginx as ssl proxy so I decided to use google load balancer as proxy but have no idea on how to setup. it will also solve our access data from nearest location problem )

  2. Multi Master actually All Master Geo Replication use anything that can solve it and yes we are also using phpmyadmin

  3. I am also using redis,memcached and also want to use varnish so if I have to do any changes or it will have some issue please tell me any minor help is very useful.

Please tell me if you have any suggestion or any solution

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