Affiliate system script to show order ID and price

I am using a special plugin for my WordPress e-commerce store. The plugin does not have a separate checkout/purchase page. It is a cart that is generated for every user. So there is no possibility to send data for price and order to the third party plugins/pages (affiliate tracking plugins or pages). The only possibility is to implement some custom script. But I don’t know coding so I don’t know how to do that.

Here is an example from one affiliate site.

Add this code on the page where the purchase is made and the user has paid for it (i.e. ‘Thank You’ page)
‘order’ and ‘price’ must be replaced with your data i.e.

Here is code original:

markPurchase(‘AF-10534523’, order, price);

I tried to add this code and changed “order” and “price” different ways but the code doesn’t work.

As you see it says “paid” but don’t show order ID and price.

Is there any ideas what to do to make this work?

Let me know if need any extra information.


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