if you update woocommerce 2.X to 3.X then you’ll see many issues in your site .Most of them are deprecated functions issues. I’ll give you some problem solutions that i faced in my site


  • product_type was called incorrectly
  • id was called incorrectly
  • regular_price was called incorrectly
  • sale_price was called incorrectly


  • $product->product_type to $product->get_type()
  • $product->id to $product->get_id()
  • $product->regular_price to $product->get_regular_price()
  • $product->sale_price to $product->get_sale_price()

You need to find and replace this codes. Hopefully this will solve your problems.

Read more here: After updating woocommerce 3 some function was called incorrectly issue solve


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