I recently updated to the current version of XAMPP. Before the update, I made a backup of all my htdoc files (all WordPress installs), and then uninstalled XAMPP.

But I failed to export my databases. (My bad.)

Now when I try to access my local sites, I am brought to the 5-minute installation page for WordPress—with the notification that users already exist. (Screenshot of the WordPress install page here.) The install process only produces database errors and tells me that tables already or don’t exist. At the bottom of the page I am told to log-in…which brings me to a 404 error.


I have tried exporting the .sql files I’m particularly desirous to save and importing them in new databases…but to no avail.

Any insight? Are my sites toast, or what can I do to restore all my work?

Read more here: After updating XAMPP, existing WordPress sites redirect to an install page?


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