Any plugin causes mobile-friendly test failure

When doing Google’s mobile-friendly test on, it seems like all CSS, JS and images simply do not load. The site robots.txt only blocks wp-admin, and even if I change it to block nothing, there are no changes. The only thing I can think is that a plugin may be doing something, but the deactivation/reactivation test doesn’t bring any clarity. If I deactivate them and reactivate one by one, the first couple seem to work just fine, and every additional one not only interferes with the assets of the others, but fewer of their own assets load. No matter the order I reactivate them in, at about the fifth one, most assets don’t load and Google says the site isn’t mobile friendly. For every other plugin after that, the only effect they have is to reduce the assets that are loaded until there are none being loaded at all.

The really strange thing is that I can’t replicate this. I haven’t had trouble with the site on mobile or any other screen width for that matter. Google’s bot is behaving as if there is something blocking all these assets, but no single plugin seems to be responsible.

I have looked all through the theme settings and changed the theme, but the effect is always the same. I am at a loss. Where could this issue be coming from?

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