I am trying to built archive templates for my theme , I am using plugin wp-job-manager which gives me following custom post type & taxonomies

  1. custom post type : job_listing
  2. 1st custom taxonomy : job_listing_type
  3. 2nd custom taxonomy : job_listing_category

Name of templates i am using is

  • taxonomy-job_listing_type.php
  • taxonomy-job_category_type.php
  • archive-job_listing.php

But still when I try to view any taxnomy term , still none of the above template is being used instead I am redirected to archive.php

As per wp-job-manager I have added this line to enable the theme support

add_theme_support( 'job-manager-templates' );

I have no idea why this is happening though I have used wp job manager a lot of times..

Looking forward for some help


Read more here: Archive or taxonomy pages not working for custom post type


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