Senario :

for reducing cost purpose outsouce debug / web dev to 3rd parties
mostly are wordpress sites.

The Normal way of outsourcing wordpress web develop / debug is likely to be

  1. clone a development version from live (production) environment
  2. removing or reset credentials ( such as re-config admin password from db, change username, wp-config.php values etc.)
  3. zip website & database and transfer to 3rd party developer
  4. replace/upload the modified file submitted by 3rd party developer to production server after dev/debug was done.

Question :

So Far what are the most effective ways to achieve the above production2none-sensitive-data-wordpress-site process with

  1. Minimal technology background / coding skills required (e.g related plugins for studying codes )
  2. more efficient ways than manually configure steps 1-2 (e.g automation shell scripts)
  3. leaking as less production information as possible to the 3rd parties
    (don’t leak any cpanel , ftp, dbname, db username , replaced with dummy strings preferred.)


So the Fisrt step is try to know the right direction to scenario
Second, looking deeper into the code then ask more specific coding questions.

Read more here: Are there automation scripts to remove sensitive info from production wordpress?


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