TLS Disablement Notice, Gravity Forms, and Let’s Encrypt

I’m a part-time WordPress developer, but have only a bit of knowledge about TLS. I help my friend, who has a very small business where she sells classes online. Her WordPress site uses Gravity Forms to sell classes. We have a SSL through Let’s Encrypt and use https.

My friend set up the basics of her account so that she receives money when students register online, through a Gravity Forms/ add-on. I have had nothing to do with her account. So when she sent me the email about Disablement for TLS 1.0 and 1.1, I was left in the dark.

We host on a VPS with Dreamhost. I could not find the TLS level anywhere in documentation from DreamHost or Let’s Encrypt (or is it Gravity Forms?). I set up an Sandbox account, but have no idea what to do with it, since I know nothing about my friend’s dealings with

Since Let’s Encrypt is fairly new, is it safe for me to expect that they will be using TLS 1.2? If not, can you tell me how I can find out if our situation is already using TLS 1.2?

Sincere thanks.

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