Autodigest, email-list, target subscibres plugin wanted

Good day.
I’m looking for solution for the plugin which will help me to do next things:

1) collect an email list with popup AND send it to mailchimp as well as wp database.

2) Let users to subscribe on existing tags/categories. I mean user will choose what to receive on email. It would be perfect if user can choose weekday and time, when he is ready to read emails(subscribers are targeting themselves y website topics)

3) weekly digests, for subscribers VIA transactional services like mailgun or something (to avoid spam)

Some parts of this can be solved by separate plugins, but I can’t say its what I’m looking for. For example: mailmunch does solve the email-list, without integration to mailchimp list and other stuff.
And I didn’t find autodigest at all.

Please no ads for only email-popup plugins, its not what I’m looking for.

Read more here: Autodigest, email-list, target subscibres plugin wanted

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