I have the following setup:
– A WordPress Site hosted on hostgator.com
– DNS managed through cloudflare.com
– Amazon CloudFront used as CDN for Media, CSS & JS files (configured through W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin)

On the pingdom.com Website speed test I get the message “This page makes 43 parallelizable requests to “mydomain.com”. Increase download parallelization by distributing these requests across multiple hostnames.” So this is what i’m trying to accomplish.

Amazon CloudFront is already working and serving files like this “1234567.cloudfront.net/wp-content/…/image.png”. Now I want to parallelize hostnames and have something like “static1.mydomain.com, static2.mydomain.com etc.”

I added those CNAMEs to my CloudFront Distribution and also to CloudFlare like this:
“static1.mydomain.com is an alias of 1234567.cloudfront.net”

I assume it should be working now or am I missing something?

Read more here: AWS CloudFront + CloudFlare: Using Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs)


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