bilingual business directory

I would like to create a bilingual business directory where users submit business listings. Some information of the business listings have to be translated but other information does not need translation like email address, phone number, etc. So, I have 2 questions;

1- for information that needs translation; Is there any way to ask users to enter information in both languages in two different “boxes” then that information is shown based on selected language of the website. So in this case no need to use a plugin to translate the information. I am referring to information such as business name or business’s description.

2- for information that does not need to be translated; can it be set not to be translated and to be shown as it is.

with the use of a business directory plugin or theme & use of a translation plugin such as WPML, every post has to be translated which is a hassle with the expected high number of submitted business listings. If above can be done, it will make process automatic and easy.

Read more here: bilingual business directory

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