Booking plugin for a band

I’m looking for a booking site which can calculate dropdown fields (multiple choice), then e-mail myself and the customer a confirmation. At this point I will need to confirm with other band members their availability before the customer actually books (so essentially it’ll be a booking inquiry form at this point). I want a form which is customisable to reflect this. The form needs to allow customers to specify a start time and end time as well as date, band selection and optional extras. I’ve looked at plugins like bookly but it only has 1hr time slots… A new one I’ve just been looking at is Bookme and a new one developed this year called Calendarista which seems to be the most promising so far…

At a later date, I would like it to Sync to a Google Calendar and for customers to pay a deposit online at the time of booking (once the business takes off). Here I have an inquiry form (currently visible to the public) and here is a price selection page (password is EMPIRE1212) which is my work in progress. I am currently using the ‘Calculated fields form’ but want to make sure I have the right one before spending $50 to access the e-mail information off and payment options, so am looking at all options and would really appreciate some help. 🙂

Does anyone know what plugin would be perfect for me?

Thanks so much


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