Breadcrumbs issue in WordPress

I have a WordPress site and have a scenario where I am having issues getting the breadcrumbs showing the correct trail.

So basically I have a page called Plants, and in this page I am using Divi’s Shop module to feature products from WooCommerce with a particular category. When you select a particular plant from the plants page, you go to the plant details page from woocommerce. However the trail shown in the breadcrumbs is wrong. Instead of showing the following (for example):

Home > Garden Centre > Plants > Annuals > Begonia

It is showing this:

Home > Products > Begonia

If you click on Products it takes you to the WooCommerce shop page. However I want that the users can go back to the previous page for example by using the trail from breadcrumbs. In order to show breadcrumbs I am using the feature from Yoast SEO plugin.

Did anyone ever encounter this issue? Is there a setting or something which I am missing?


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