Bugs with columns in WPBakery?

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I’m trying to arrange some columns with WPbakery. However, what I am doing on the back-end of things is not transferring to the preview or live version of the page. In fact the preview and live versions seem to be doing their own thing period.

In the first image of the back-end, I placed an image on the left side, and some text on the right side.

But in the second image (which is the live page) they are reversed. The image is on the left and the text on the right.

Also for some reason the left column is positioned further down than intended. I tried experimenting with different rows and the same thing happens with all of them. Specifically when the screen size is gets to 990px. And I am not using any kind of custom CSS on the columns whats so ever.

The author of the theme (Buran) seems to not respond to inquiries. Same with those over at WP Bakery. Can someone please help?

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