Calculate Price Based on Two Options

I am looking for a calculator plugin (WordPress of JS) that can show the visitor how much their pricing will be based on the 2 options they choose.

Option 1 = NumberOfUsers (1-50)
Option 2 = NumberOfYears (1-year or 3-year)

Based on their selection, a Checkout button will point them to a specific Order Form. Meaning, each combination has its own order form URL.

Example… If they select 1 User, the fee for 1-Year=97 and for 3-Year=194. The 1-year order form URL is and the 3-year URL is

If they select 2-5 Users, 1-Year=87/User, 3-Year=174/User, (Price is calculated NumberOfUsers x YearPlanSelected (Selecting 2 Users for 1-year goes to, Selecting 3 Users for 1-year goes to and so on)

It would be nice if it could show the Per-User costs per-month or per-year so that they can get a better idea of the differences in prices.

This may require some custom coding so let me know your fee.

Thanks in advance!

Read more here: Calculate Price Based on Two Options

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