Calendar plugin – each user sets up their *own* calendar

I have been hired to build a site for a client. The basic premise of the site – users sign up for a subscription to be randomly matched for one set of tickets to a cultural event every month.

To do this we have users select from a list of potential categories of events they are interested in and match that up with sets of tickets available as ecommerce products, which have a date and time associated with them. So once a month we run a cronjob that matches subscribed users with categories of interest and available products that also match up based availability.

To do this – we need to have every user set up their calendars such that we can know when they are available, or not available more specifically. This includes recurring events – I always am busy Thursday nights at 7 – and date specific availability.

I have built appointment systems for music lesson sites in the past where users were simply choosing based on the availability of the teachers.

But in this particular case we need to know the availability of each user – or rather we need to know explicitly when they are not available – so that we can better match them up with tickets.

Is there a calendar plugin out there that makes it easy for users to each have a calendar that is editable on the front end?


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