I have a site on hostgator server, domain and hosting both with hostgator self hosted wordpress hosting. Suddenly it hit error few days back, instead of loading normal home page its showing FTP client login and fatal error message below. Before contacting host, I deactivated plugin but not resolved even i entered following code in wp-config.php file define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’);

I contacted host, to solve the issue but still they are unable to diagnose the issue, instead they restored site to previous 3 days version when site was working , but this also not solved issue. Also checked with SITE LOCk for malicious code, but found nothing.

Is there any solution that can solve this issue.


If site admin logged through mysite.com/wp-admin and browsing mysite.com it loads properly.
Even after getting error, CTRL+F5 solves this issue and site loads without any issue.
Issue with non logged end users

This is very strange behaviors.
enter image description here
Screen shot attached below

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