Cannot get test wordpress environment to work

I’m an I.T apprentice and my current project is to take a site that has been ported into WordPress and improve it. This is not their live site but a site but they want to move forward with in WordPress. The site was not touched in quite a while leaving it outdated, it is in a windows vps and wouldn’t allow me to manually update even with file permissions it gave a server error the host did not know why. I have manually updated it onto my dev server but I am unsure on how to test this. I have re-built this and the host gave me a database back up which I have then put into a database through the CP on the development server, and changed the wp-config file to reflect this, what do I need to do with the URL or as a whole to see if the manual update worked and to access the dashboard of the new site? (New to WordPress, and web development)

Many thanks

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