I have an old wordpress site which I haven’t logged-in for 2 years. Recently I tried to log back in using the admin account but it wouldn’t let me. Saying the password is incorrect. I tried to login using a test account and also failed, seems like none of the login are working.

So I went into PHPmyAdmin and realized my MySQL was full, then I cleared a table which was used by a plugin called Simplehistory (it contained 700M of data), and then I was able to just change the admin password from the phpmyadmin console. However, I still can’t login even though the phpmyadmin told me the query command was successful.

I have also tried the emergency script, which I went to /emergency.php to change the password, but the system still wouldn’t log me in?

Read more here: Cannot login to ADMIN even after changing password in phpmyadmin


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