Can’t get JS code to work

I am trying to create a plugin and I’ve got stuck. I am trying to register and enqueue a script from a shortcode:

This is my shortcode:

add_shortcode( ‘gear-guide’, ‘gg_product_front_end’ );

This is the function it calls to:

function gg_product_front_end() {

echo ‘<p id=”test”>Test!</p>’;

wp_register_script( ‘gg_loadProducts_frontEnd’, plugins_url( ‘js/front_end.js’, __FILE__ ), array( ‘jquery’ ));
wp_enqueue_script( ‘gg_loadProducts_frontEnd’ );


And this is the JavaScript:

function gg_loadProducts_frontEnd(){

I am not getting any error, neither php nor js.

Any ideas?


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