I followed this kubernetes example to create a wordpress and mysql with persistent data

I followed everything from the tutorial from creation of the disk to deployment and on the first try deletion as well

1st try


Problem: persistent volumes does not bind to the persistent volume claim. It remains at pending status both for the creation of the pod and the volume claim. Volume status remains at Released state as well.

Had to delete everything as describe in the example and try again. This time I mounted the created volumes to an instance in the cluster, formatted the disk using ext4 fs then unmounted the disks.

2nd try


Problem: After formatting the volumes, they are now bound to the claims yay! unfortunately mysql pod doesn’t run with status crashLoopback off. Eventually the wordpress pod crashed as well.


Did anyone else experience this? I’m wondering if I did something wrong or if something has changed from the write up of the exam til now that made the example break. How do I go around fixing it?

Any help is appreciated.

Read more here: Can’t make kubernetes example for wordpress & mysql with persistent data work


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