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Can I run a slow action in a seperate thread?

I have a really slow-running action (30-45 seconds) that loops over each user in my DB and syncs the data with some off-site database. I

wordpress is_front_page() issue

I am updating the page title of all pages with a function i have created: function wpss_show_custom_description() { $wpss_disable = get_post_meta(get_the_id(), 'wpss_disable', true); $wpss_description =

Adding a Theme Options Panel, Not Writing to Database (add_option not working)

Just getting into developing a Theme Options panel and have it up and running but I’m trying to return a default and I’m not getting

Action login_form_{action} working

I found this action hook in wp-login.php file. It says it can be used to create custom actions to the wp-login. However, as I’m new

Action on post publish

I want to do something when a post is published (doesn’t matter if updated [draft -> publish] or just created) In my plugin I tried

How to add file upload to plugin settings page?

I’am creating plugin with simple import data from csv file. I create import page with add_submenu_page and include html form. Form contain input with file

WordPress filter that hook after each action/filter hook

In my wordpress site virus script added in footer on wp_footer action. I try many techniques, but i cant find virus hook location. Is there

How to get Yoast post meta during save_post

In my plugin, I’m trying to retrieve Yoast’s post meta when the post is saved for the first time or updated. get_post_meta doesn’t work, as

How to access certain WP functions inside custom class, in theme folder

I’m building a custom theme and I want to create a helper class for handling creation of metaboxes in admin panel. I have my class

Removing a specific div from a wordpress action

I am using Ultimate Member and i can see a action: which is outputting some HTML. Within there, there is a which i need to

How do you use the plugin boilerplate loader class to hook actions and filters?

The Plugin_Name_Loader class of the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate is very useful if you must hook into a WordPress action or filter from your plugin. The

How to find list of all functions bind to a particular hook from my plugin?

I want to remove all actions attached to admin_notice hook in my plugin at the time a user updates the plugin. Is there any way

Tried in different ways but sidebar not working?

function Y_widget_register(){ register_sidebar(array( 'name'=>esc_html__( 'Sidebar', 'Y-07' ), 'id'=> 'y-sidebar', 'description'=>'Dynamic Right Sidebar', 'before_widget' => '<section id="%1$s" class="y-widget %2$s">', 'after_widget' => '</section>', 'before_title' => '<h2 class="y-widget-title">',

Custom plugin init action causing general slowness

I’m developing a custom plugin which connects to salesforce and needs to check that the connection hasn’t expired on each page refresh. If it does

Intercom Event on WordPress Comment Post

I am trying to use the comment_post action to pass data for this action to Intercom which I am using to track users’ behaviour/interaction. The

Difference between hooks Plugin_loaded and admin_int?

As per my understanding, functions attached to plugin_loaded and admin_init hooks are called whenever any admin page is loaded. What’s the difference between them? Read

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