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Delete user from frontend

Hi I am working on a frontend admin where a user must be able to delete his account. current_user() is a custom made function of

Remove Actions/Filters added via Anonymous Functions

That’s a freaking bad practice I must say. Spent last two hours finding a solution to remove actions and filters added via Anonymous functions. This

How to add custom content anywhere in the WordPress admin? (or “Need an explained list of available Action Hooks & Filters”)

I’m looking to add a custom message under my plugin in the “Plugins” page, much like the following screenshot: What action or filter should I

How to add custom content under plugin row in WordPress admin plugin list?

I’m looking to add a custom message under my plugin in the “Plugins” page, much like the following screenshot: What action or filter should I

change order of add_action hooks for jquery to be loaded first

a slider plugin puts its javascript “right before the closing body-tag” using an add_action() hook like this: protected static function addAction($action,$eventFunction){ add_action( $action, array(self::$t, $eventFunction)

change output location of plugin function using a custom hook

I’m running the YouTube Video Fetcher plugin and it fetches youtube videos and displays it on your website. However, instead of displaying the video after

modify form field value just before submission in gravity form

Each and every where i found same kind of example told . But none of them (Including Your’s) solved my problem. add_filter(“gform_save_field_value”, “form_save_field_value”, 10, 4)

Odd behaviour with submenu link creation

I’m trying to develop a plugin that needs to add two pages to the dashboard side-bar menu. One of these being a main category. Everything

How can I get the user that publishes a post?

I have multiple users. Some are writers, others are editors. Is there a way to get the editor (id) that publish the post? I am

Save automatically data to user profile once or twice a day

The main goal : I am working on a panel which will display statistics of my user websites (external website). For that, I use the

Update profile for all user in the same time

I have two problems. 1) The big one is to update/save all profile users in the same time when somebody visits my website. So I

Custom bulk actions in WP 3.7.1

So I am trying to get a custom bulk action to work in WordPress 3.7.1 and so far no luck. The basis I am using

remove meta robots tag from wp_head

I am in need to remove just this line from wp_head but can’t find the right hook to use it with remove_action(). Basically what I

Action inside another action not working

I am trying to load content before the end body tag on admin pages that have a TinyMCE editor on them. To do this I

How to add a new link to the default register form’s footer links?

I would like to add a custom link to the footer section of the register form. How can I do this? I am using the

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