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Can you switch the type of WordPress site you have?

My company had our WordPress website made through Propertyware or Rael Page. The issue is it’s a different type of WordPress then others.(we did not

How can I POST or GET to the same admin page from which I am POST-ing or GET-ing

I have made a admin page linked to a Settings -> submenu_item. This page looks like this: On this page, I have a form

How can I get logged in user’s session data from admin-ajax?

I have hooked an ajax call for a logged-in user, and now I need to catch his data inside the receiving call (the code that

Detecting if a page is front page in admin

I have a metabox that needs to display different options based on if the user has the current page selected as being the front page.

Add ‘page template’ column to dashboard for CPTs

How can I add a ‘Page Template’ column to the Dashboard, so that viewing ‘All cpt_name’ shows which template is used. Read more here: Add

How to enable enqueue_script to work with non-admin user?

I can see my script being fired when I log in as admin, but not as a normal user. Why is this hapenning? And how

Hook to plugins admin settings

So this is my first run at a plugin. I built a “Toolbox” plugin for myself that I can add things to as I feel

Admin Toolbar is not displayed on all pages

When I log into wp-admin, my admin toolbar should appear on all pages, but only appears in some, in the home does not appear, for

Hacked wordpress – how can hacker login wp-admin while wp-admin shows HTTP 500 Error?

I was wondering, how is it possible that a hacker can still login into wordpress admin panel while I can’t even reach the login screen?

Custom Admin Section

I am creating a new custom admin page. For reasons I cannot explain here (due to the length of the explanation), I cannot create the

PHP Warnings in an old 2.9.2 wordpress installation

I’ve asked to fix an error in an old wordpress 2.9.2 website (php 5.4 installed). The frontend works ok but in the backend, after successful

what is best way to keep track of changes made in wordpress website?

I have a website which has many admins. What is the best plugin or any other functions which would do this work? Any suggestion would

WordPress admin-ajax.php error when regenerate thumbnails

I am using the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to modify the images of a Woocomerce store. When I start the regeneration process I get the following

Link fields in User Admin list

I am using admin columns to show my custom fields for all the users. I have them displayed like this: Basically I want to add

Is instantiating WP_Query not possible within an admin Ajax call?

While using the WordPress Ajax API to query certain posts the content of WP_Query is always empty (that means the class exists but every property

Locked out of WordPress website from wrong amount of login attempts

I tried logging in to my WordPress website and got the login wrong a couple of times. After a 3rd or 4th time I am

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