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Cannot login to WordPress Admin with SSL terminated load balancer

Running WordPress 4.7.3 with a HAProxy (version 1.7.2) frontend and Apache 2.4.10 with PHP 5.6 backend. This is all under Debian 8.7 as well. X-Forwarded-For

Problems with WP_List_Table and hooks

I’d like to use the WP_List_Table in my plugin, so I followed the guide of WP-Engineer to create the WP_List_Table. His version of the code

Display popup or admin-notice after add new categories

I need to display an admin notice or better a js popup after adding a new category. In my functions.php I’ve created 2 functions: add_action('create_category',

Reposition the widget sidebar in Appearance->Widgets

Anyone know how to reposition the widget sidebars in the Widgets menu? Read more here: Reposition the widget sidebar in Appearance->Widgets

Admin view: filter posts by whether they have specific taxonomy attached

I know how to filter posts in the admin view by taxonomy terms but in my case I’d like to be able to view posts

Attachment display settings only allows "full-size"

I have been developing a site using the Twenty-Sixteen theme. I just realized that I only have the “Full Size” option when I insert an

Add meta_box to user profile screen in admin

The user profile screen in admin area of WordPress is a mess, and I have WooCommerce installed so even more of a mess with the

Separate backend area for Members vs Admin?

It has always bothered me a bit to see random member accounts sitting next to our very private admin accounts. Have you ever seen good

Getting admin notices to appear after page refresh

I am hooking into the profile_update event in order to perform an action to member profiles when they are saved from the backend. After the

Admin user lacks admin permissions after hack and can’t reinstate

My site (4.5.3 on Apache/Linux) was hacked, I suspect something like the one described here. As best I can tell I’ve removed or at least

How to remove items from +New admin menu?

I would like to limit the +New admin menu to only show the single sub menu Event (“Veranstaltung”). Basically the users are allowed to create

switch owner profile

I have a wordpress website which was created automatically by my hosting company, I’ve created myself a new admin account and linked my gravatar. However,

Hiding Admin Page While Keeping Menu Expanded

I am creating a custom admin section. I have the following code: // Top level menu add_menu_page('Books', 'Books', 'publish_posts', 'books', 'render_books_page', '', 17); // Adding

Hiding admin page while keeping menu open

I am creating a custom admin section. I have the following code: // Top level menu add_menu_page('MAIN', 'MAIN', 'publish_posts', 'main', 'render_main', '', 17); // Adding

The website cannot display the page

First post on here. I am a developer for the company I work for and we have a word press site that is public (we

"No Access" Error when loading wp-admin

Backstory So I was trying to use a current URL (Google Domains) with WordPress. I went to my dashboard (added “wp-admin” to the end of

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