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JQuery Success/Failure Callback is not called

I am new at jQuery. What i need to achieve in jQuery is call a web service which is written in Python and show appropriate

Cross domain problems with my rest API

I have a MVC rest Web API, that have a method that looks like this: public HttpResponseMessage PostBook(DtoBooks Book) { if (Book == null) {

WPML admin-ajax.php call not localized after setting lang

Calls to __() in an AJAX function are not translated even after I set the lang parameter in the AJAX URL. It appears that Sitepress

AJAX commenting in WordPress

I’m trying to get AJAX commenting working in WordPress. So far I have written a PHP handler and a script. My script (modified from here):

How to submit form using ajax inside wordpress plugin

I am creating small plugin where i want to submit form data using ajax but it giving response zero. Here is my call i have

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