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WordPress: Body class of page’s slug in ajax

I made an ajax function to make a Single Page Application on my wordpress website and i want to add a class on my body

ajax response Json Data Undefined wordpress

i got a little problem with my ajax response this is my javascript code $("#txt-cmt").keypress(function(e) { if(e.which == 13) { var comment = $(this).val(); var

ajax response Json Data Undefined wordpress, please anybody help me :'(

i got a little problem with my ajax response this is my javascript code $("#txt-cmt").keypress(function(e) { if(e.which == 13) { var comment = $(this).val(); var

AJAX response "Json Data Undefined" in WordPress

I got a little problem with my AJAX response. This is my JavaScript code $("#txt-cmt").keypress(function(e) { if(e.which == 13) { var comment = $(this).val(); var

Cross-Origin Request Blocked in oauth api request

I’m trying to use Gumroad API for WordPress plugin, and trying to understand how to make any call, GET in my case. I searched a

How to edit wp list table tr by clicking on button from frontend

I am trying to change custom post type lists table in admin pannel.I used following code code by clicking on button from front end .All

Creating / displaying content in WordPress from external website through an AJAX API

I am looking at a solution to display data from an external website in wordpress. The method I have been given to access the data

How to set image as featured via ajax in WordPress

I need to set an image as featured in WordPress via ajax call. So i did this function: function FeaturedImage() { $image_ID = $_POST['thumbnail_id']; $post_ID

Updating Shipping Rate on checkout page on WooCommerce site

We are having a custom code to allow end user select city, date and time of his delivery. The delivery rate should change according to

WordPress Ajax Lite Placement

I have installed the Ajax Search Lite plugin for my wordpress site and have edited the Header.php file to place the code. This is the

Perform PHP function on radio button click, WordPress

I have two radio buttons in a wordpress file. I have two contact-form-7 shortcodes and want to execute one if the radio is clicked “Yes”

how to make ajax works on subdomains

I am having a plugin on my wordpress site and this plugin is using ajax to send the information to database the problem is that

WooCommerce re-validate cart after update cart ajax

I added a custom function to validate the cart to check if a minimum order is reached, if not a notice is displayed and the

How to add confirm box before submit

I am new developer and I have a problem. I think you can solved this. I want to show confirm box before delete. How Can

FadeIn Ajax returned posts in wordpress

I am trying to have posts displayed by ajax “load more” button use FadeIn(). The issue I am having is that it appears to only

Is not using WordPress admin-ajax to ajax submissions okay?

I am using ajax to a submit a form which inserts data into a table on wordpress. php $data = array('full_name' => $_POST['fullname'] , 'email'

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