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404 Bot Attack on My Website (DDoS of Sorts)

Over the last few days I have noticed that my WordPress website had been running quite slowly, so I decided to investigate. After checking my

Warning and Fatal Error on WordPress Website with Woocommerce

I am getting some weird errors on my wordpress website today even though I haven’t installed/updated any plugin etc. So far I have tried disabling

htaccess rewriterule not working if multiple levels

I have a problem with my htaccess rule. I am using WordPress and in my htaccess there is nothing except the default wordpress code. I

.htaccess of WP directory and .htaccess in other directory

I’m running WordPress site dedicated to games on my hosting. In between of wp-* folders, there are several other folders (my folders) with microsite content.

perform 301 redirects from one server to another

I have some blog posts that are being hosted on hubspot under a subdomain: I’m moving my main site under my main domain (a

WordPress REST API over SSL (https) is giving me a 404

So I am using my WordPress as my backend to store custom post types. It’s hosted on an google cloud click-to-deploy WordPress instance running Apache

Moving wordpress site from hosting to localhost for development

After moving website to my local dev machine, relative links stopped working. When i click button with relative link /login, for example, browser redirects to

How can create deep link for the dynamic url in .htaccess

I have a url “**********” and I want to redirect with ““ * means : anything can be random generated. I have .htacces server and

How do I allow all traffic to a specific WordPress URL while restricting requests to the rest of the site to certain IP addresses?

We currently restrict access to the entire staging site using Apache (2.4.7) ‘Allow from’ directives. I am developing a custom tool on a single

WP htaccess, block everything except rss

I would like to block all traffic (except my IP) to wordpress site except rss feeds (category feeds like: using htaccess. From what I’ve

WordPress can’t install plugin, solve with chown but can’t FTP

I have VPS server with centos 7 and my directory is /home/admin/public_html and i put some websites (wordpress) on it. My problem is when i

Changing WordPress http to https behind a Load Balancer with ProxyPass

I run a WordPress behind a other (main) webserver. The main Server does have a rule to redirect all requests to /wpa to the WordPress

WordPress with Laravel running on subfolder

I need to add a new Laravel app to an existing WordPress website. Both will run via Apache webserver. The idea is that: ->

I want use .htaccess to block access to all user but I let access only an user

I use xampp and I put the htaccess in the root of site (Example). So I have the file .htaccess in the same folder of

HTTPS subdomain keeps redirecting to HTTPS main domain

Been getting frustrated with this so I hope someone can help. I think it’s an easy fix in the .htaccess file. I’ve been trying to

Local WP website doesn’t load on iPhone using a proxy + virtual host

I’m trying to get my local virtual host websites to open on my iPhone and so far I’m having trouble only with WordPress. All other

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