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URL Rewrite htaccess ecom site

Trying to clean up some urls on an ecom site, but can’t for the life of me get it to work. the existing working url

Add custom headers to HTTP 401 responses from Kerberos mod_auth_kerb

I’m using Apache with mod_auth_kerb to perform HTTP authentication. How do I add custom headers to the 401 Authorization Required response generated by the auth

Is there anyway to get rid of a folder but go to the subfolder

I am trying to have my website go from to What I have only seems to redirect me to Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine

rApache module in Apache error

I’m using ubuntu 13.10 with Apache2 , PHP5 and MySQL I’m trying to add rApache module in Apache to work as a server R. I

WordPress attack flood

I have a few WP websites and they are being receiving a huge number of requests (about 20 thousand a minute) like: …

Call PHP with the same name of the directory the file is in

This may sound like a strange question. 🙂 I’ve some directories: inside every directory there’s an index.php file, so when you access the index.php

Apache Camel Mail Error

Facing this error while accessing gmail from apache camel [org.apache.camel.component.mail.MailConsumer] (Camel (camel-1) thread #1 – imaps:// Consumer Consumer[imaps://] failed polling endpoint: Endpoint[imaps://*&unseen=true&]. Will try again

Disappearing Session objects – Apache/Wamp/PHP

Has anyone ever had a situation on Apache (mod PHP) where session objects are seemingly deleted (or not renewed/kept alive) between page calls? I’ve even

Apuntar dominio a subdominio

Actualmente tengo creada una aplicación SaaS, en la que los usuarios al registrarse adquieren un subdominio personalizado, como puede ser,, me gustaría que

Deploying Eclipse Java Dynamic web project on Apache server permanently

I have a Java web project in Eclipse(an API) which I run through Eclipse on Apache Server. Is there a way for me to permanently

Redirect Loop issues

I recently setup a 301 rewrite rule on my website which redirects a specific IP to a seperate site. Now, I do not want people

User root on OSX 10.9 doesn’t work

I’m setting up an environment on OSX 10.9. Now localhost/~giulio goes to localhost/index-maintenance.html. Apache works as a charme, but user root not. Apache instead of

Error for ant command in cmd

I get following error when I run ant command in cmd prompt D:>ant Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in C:Program FilesJavajre6li btools.jar

Server has failed to start

I have different eclipse versions and in every version the server(Tomcat v6) starts without a problem. For one version I get this errors: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.eclipse.stardust.ide.wst.server.tomcat.EmbeddedDerbyLifecycleListener

Apache Shiro: How do I get JSONP data through the filter?

I have a web application running on a Tomcat 7 server, that’s run fed entirely with ajax requests, a one page application if you will.

I need to know when should i use wp_redirect()?

I am using wp_redirect() to redirect to a URL but it gives me the warning below and does not redirect. When should I use wp_redirect()?

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