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Short code into PHP

I am a newbie so apologize if it’s not an easy question to figure out. I need to add a read more button into a

Change post category automatically after 2 years wordpress

I want to change the post category after 2 years of current date. If you all guys have any solution then post it. Thank You

Add to cart on category page not refreshing page

I have installed latest wordpress. In single product when “add to cart” is pressed it refreshes the page and mini cart is updated. In “Shop”

PHP get_category() function redeclared

I’m not a developer, hence why i’m asking for the help of you experts :). I was assigned the task to move a wordpress website

WordPress Drop down category as array for using in page builder

I need wordpress category as drop down . So far my code function cat_drop_down(){ $categories_array = array(); $categories = get_categories(); foreach( $categories as $category ){

My WordPress is connected to Memberzone and I want to reorganize the website to match the new categories I have in Memberzone.

I am changing the website slightly to ideally have 3 buttons (residential, commercial, and supplier) on the “Find a Member” page. I would like these

set a parent category in a product woocommerce

I use this function to set a new category wp_set_object_terms($product_id, $data[1], ‘product_cat’); but i’d like to add a parent at this category… how could I

How to call posts under a specific category on static front page?

I want to show posts according to categories on the static front page (home page) only. Any suggestions. 2) can I show the contents from

Categories list compact view mode

As my website become bigger – I need some tools to manage categories inside Admin Panel. Maybe there are some plugins that can list all

How to display WordPress archive into three columns

<?php $cats = get_categories('child_of='.get_query_var('cat')); foreach ($cats as $cat) : $args = array( 'posts_per_page' => 3, // max number of post per category 'category__in' => array($cat->term_id)

Custom Categories shows "No Posts" but i do have two assigned

I had just taken over this page from webdeveloper and I am a bit of WP newbie. I created a Custom Category for POSTS so

Category page shows "No Posts" but I do have two assigned

I had just taken over this page from web developer and I am a bit of WordPress newbie. I created a category for posts so

Stick multiple posts in a single category

How to stick multiple posts in a single category to show on top of that category? Read more here: Stick multiple posts in a single

MySQL Query to Retrieve Category from wp_posts

Using this query to retrieve all of my posts with a specific post_type SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = 'product'; As described here the

How to know current product’s category

The users in my ecommerce site are divided into two roles: customers and wholesalers. I have a separate Wholesale product category that only wholesalers should

Add Parent Category Next to Most Used Panel

How to separate each parent category which each one takes different space at the top of her/his children like the “Most used” Panel? Read more

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