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Show tag Registered in Comment Post

I need to show tag in comment for registered user in post ex: My template use this code: <ol class="comment-list"> <?php wp_list_comments( array( 'style' =>

WordPress comment from not showing

I’m trying to enable comments in my WordPress engine, but I can’t get them enabled. My “Discussion Settings” are in this screenshot !! Is

Changing wordpress comment form

Is it possible to change the default comment form which is a textarea to a content editable div? Read more here: Changing wordpress comment form

How would I add the comment count to this sub-pages of current page snippet

I have this snippet <ul> <?php global $id; wp_list_pages( array( 'title_li' => '', 'depth' => 1, 'child_of' => $id, 'sort_column' => 'post_title', 'show_date' => 'modified',

Allow the comment author to delete their own comments

I’ve looked high and low and I can’t find anything that will allow the logged in comment author to delete their own comment from the

hide post comments until registered user comments

I would like to know if it’s possible to hide either the post comments section or a specific part of the post until the user

Get the top level comment ID

How do I get the ID of the top level comment, as in, the top parent comment? Useful functions like get_ancestors() and get_post_ancestors() don’t work

New Post shows up as Comment on Page

I have installed a new version of WordPress on my own hosting. I created an About page, and then started writing posts. Now, whenever I

Update comment meta for all comments of specific post

Questions says it pretty much … Is it possible to change the comment meta for all comments of a specific post? I know it probably

Display comments/ratings (overall) on page in grid (masonry) view

I am a bit lost: Try to give my client the possibility that they can setup a grid with all (or latest) product reviews. They

Faulty comment.php, comments won’t show up after posting?

Something seems to be wrong with my comment.php: When somebody new comments, they’ll be redirected to a thank you page. So far so good.

WP_Comment_Query with 5 top level comments per page?

I’m trying to replicate the option in WordPress’s settings page that says: [x] Break comments into pages with ((5)) top level comments per page and

Display comment meta data after quick update

I have few custom comment’s fields – phone and code, stored as comment meta. On comments edit page (edit-comments.php) I display these values in custom

How to show a "Comments Are Closed" message on posts where comments have been closed?

I have comments turned on across the site, but I also have the “Automatically close comments on articles older than 90 days” option turned on.

How to move author field to top of comment form

How to change the order of the comment form so the author field appears at the top of the form? Using function. Read more here:

Is there any way to "break comments into pages" on certain posts, but not on others?

In Settings > Discussion, there’s an option to “break comments into pages” which adds pagination to comments and breaks them up into separate pages. I

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