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Cannot display comment in page

I added some custom fields in comment, so i have a couple of more fields. from that form I can comment but am unable to

What functions does WordPress use for filtering / sanitizing comments?

We have some custom built comments (ones tied to custom post types, that we can’t integrate with WP’s comment system). But we want to filter

Exclude comments from a WP_Query object?

I have noticed that the default WP_Query object also contains all of a post’s comments. global $wp_query; print_r($wp_query->comments); // Prints an object containing all of

Only admin can see comments on post or page

Odd situation. Only members with ‘admin’ role can see comments on a post or page. So, I can set up a new role with all

Howto show comment count by post in post?

I would like to show comment count IN the post (not in post meta), is there a snippet how to do this or a wordpress

How to display most commented posts for the past week

I need to display most commented posts and articles for the past week. The code I came up with is following: $cat_black_args = array( 'posts_per_page'

Is it possible to filter comments in a post so a user can only see the comments they have written?

I am relatively new to wordpress, and coding, and I am working on a site where the users will need to leave comments for certain

Shortcode for WordPress Comments?

I recently purchased ThriveThemes which I love. However, when creating a landing page it looks like they do not have the option to show simple

How can I enable commenting from mobile view?

I use theme 2016 on wordpress 4.7.3. Basic, but it does most of what I want. I like getting comments from the people that read

comment_template() outside loop in single.php

Sorry for my English. I am working on my first theme ever and I am noob to php and wordpress. Using In the single

Wp-pagenavi not working with WP_Comment_Query

I have a WP_Comment_Query: $comments_query = new WP_Comment_Query; $commentvnk = $comments_query->query(array('post_id'=> $idpost,'orderby' => 'comment_ID','order' => 'ASC')); And my code Wp-pagenavi: $comments_query ) ); } ?>

WP-PageNavi is not working with WP_Comment_Query

I have a WP_Comment_Query: $comments_query = new WP_Comment_Query; $commentvnk = $comments_query->query( array( 'post_id'=> $idpost, 'orderby' => 'comment_ID', 'order' => 'ASC', 'number' => '5' ) );

problem with comment date

i write custom comment display and i have problem with getting correct comment time. For some reason the time is not correct, or is dublicated

How to pass settings to comment_form() if theme only uses comments_template()?

I have a theme which uses comments_template() to write a comment form and existing comments to a page. It appears that comments_template() calls comment_form() internally

Custom comment Notification Plugin Problem

I’m trying to echo the data from left comments in an HTML Email Template to the comment author. Problem is the data from the comment

edit comments in front end

I build my custom comments template. And i realised tht edit comment is being done in back-end ( dashbord). Is there any way to enable

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