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Where to add code to custom gallery shortcode

I’m using the information here as the basis for a custom gallery shortcode, and trying to create this carousel slider Problem is I

Latest WP breaks CSS in PHP7

I am experiencing a weird issue in WP dashboard with the latest version of WordPress. I think I have figured out what is happening, but

CSS enigma.. Where is the issue? [on hold]

I can’t to find the CSS error in this page. Can someone help me to find the image’s error? Read more here: CSS enigma.. Where

Theme Check errors about missing CSS rules

REQUIRED: .wp-caption css class is needed in your theme css. REQUIRED: .wp-caption-text css class is needed in your theme css. REQUIRED: .sticky css class is

wordpress website images not showing on mobile phones

I’ve added quite a lot of photos of my website and they’re all visible on the computer and laptop view, however when I have a

How do I center a contact form 7 in wordpress

I am working for a client and can’t figure out how to center a contact form in WordPress. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Josh

Add image link to style in div

I’ve this code <div class="col-sm-4 box-home" style="background-image: url('URL-IMAGE');"> <div id="spazio" style="height:55%;"></div> <div class="description" id="descr-one"> <h2><?php the_field('titolo_il_box'); ?></h2> <p><?php the_field('descrizione_il_box'); ?></p> </div> </div> I want to

Button onclick animation with sound and setting cookie

Ok, so I have this client that just NEEDS to have fancy animation when entering his site. WordPress. Thing is supposed to be a picture/button,

detach logo from header menu and put it between header and first part of body

Dear all geniuses out there, I’m building a website in wordpress, however I’m not an expert in it. I’m looking to make logo bigger and

modify urls adding a css id at the end

I’m trying modify some urls (on a wordpress website) by adding a css ID at the end: So for ex: should become: Basically

How to recursively add script files (such as .css and .js) to a WordPress theme

I’m trying to add all my custom Js and CSS files located in my theme folder (themes/rev_cust/layout, and themes/rev_cust/s): /* Add Scripts */ if (

Menu Social Icons Jump Position on Refresh

I have a problem with my social media icons in my menu bar. Sometimes when I go to my website, my social icons are shown

Image covering the full div CSS

Hi I have an issue with the page I build it with the DIVI theme from WordPress. I want the pictures to be covering

Make all boxes same height. WordPress gridded post loop using Boostrap,

I’ve tried solutions posted here. And this one… None of these seem to work with the loop. Any ideas? Thanks! <div class="container my-container">

Can’t lessen the paragraph line spacing

I’m working on a webpage and the paragraphs seem to have too much line spacing, so I tried using Custom CSS to change the line-height

Background image not scalling on mobiles

I have a website on WordPress with the following code for one of the sections but it the image is not fitting on mobile phones

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