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CSS image clip with text wrap in wordpress post

Intro: I am forced to use wordpress. All my posts are intended to be very simple, text wrapped around a couple of images which are

How do I insert text if a div exists?

First off, I’m fairly new to Javascript and I’m working on wordpress plugins so a huge apology if this seems a little vague… (I have

Resetting margin and padding for everything in WordPress

I want to reset the margin and padding for all elements on my pages, so that all the elements that usually come with default padding

how to make text over the image using css while dynamically displaying the image and the text from backend using custom template in wordpress?

I am using custom template in wordpress. This is the code <a href="<?php echo get_category_link($cat->term_id); ?>"> <img class="home-img" src="<?php echo z_taxonomy_image_url($cat->term_id); ?>" /> <p><?php echo

How to make buddypress profile menu display username and user photo?

I am building a wordpress website and using buddypress plugin for community building.I added profile menu of buddypress from menu options in the dashboard. Profile

Order Review Column Width on Checkout Page

I wanted to adjust the column width of the Order Review on my Checkout page. When the text of “shipping” display a short message, the

Issue with using CSS on Iconic Icons in WordPress Theme.

I would like to customize Ionicon using the css in Sequential WordPress theme. Iconic Icons was not originally in the theme. So I added by

Background of text full width without css but only html in WordPress

I would like to get a white background for my parallax scroll on ( You can just scroll down and you will see two text

How to remove style added to Post title in Posts pages?

I’m using this theme below and modifying it to create a wordpress website. As you will see from the theme, it has a slider

How to remove styles added to Post title in Posts pages in WordPress?

I’m using this theme below and modifying it to create a wordpress website. As you will see from the theme, it has a slider

A js function needs reversed

I have a block that is firstly hidden and if clicked it is shown. How can I change it to be shown from the start

Can’t centre header logo – wordpress

I’ve tried a number of things including using the centre text tag (in CSS) and the yellow pencil plugin to try and centre the logo

How to remove text-indent in css?

I’m new so bear with me please… The website I’m trying to code on WordPress suddenly indents the first line in of li in an

Hide table column using CSS

I would like to hide a table column in a responsive table I have in my wordpress woocommerce cart. Try adding this product to cart.

WordPress- OnePage + Static pages nav inactive items highlighted

I am using Amadea theme. The website I am working on has a one-page architecture with a couple of static pages. The main issue is

bootstrap 3 wordpress collapse navbar-collapse upper-navbar add Onclick event

I have a wordpress with the BST Theme and a drop down menu. The problem in when the menu collapses, in phones and tablets, the

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