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CSS: Banners squish while I scale down the Browser

Here are the full width banners which cause this issue. Im using a Plugin which enables you to upload a certain Image and set it

Can’t get rid of css list style for WordPress

Would anyone mind taking a look at this? I can’t get rid of the list-style-type decoration on this wordpress widget on this site. Here’s

img.responsive class in wordpress not working

Help me make images automatically resize as the browser size is reduced. I have added a wordpress blog to my hand coded site. It’s in

Styling the Gravity Forms.

I need to know how to style the gravity forms using bootstrap3 . I have given a short code of the gravity form in container

Footer in middle of page in different browers [on hold]

For some reason whenever I add a widget to the footer of my site, it moves to the center of the page – but only

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