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Custom Post Type Metadata Not Saving

I created a client profile custom post type and have started creating the meta boxes and such for users to enter in information. While all

Create new post with meta data using WordPress API

I have a stand alone app done in PHP which creates a new post on my remote wordpress site. Everything works with exception of adding

query external DB and display value in theme

Whenever I publish a new post on my WP site, I also create a new topic on my forums (running phpBB). I also enter the

get wordpress post loop by meta box date

hello i just added date input by using metabox but i can’t sort the loop in the front end page by latest metabox input date

Sort posts by custom fields with empty values

I’m trying to list a few post sorting by a custom field value (“space-comments”). It’s working very well, however, when the custom field is empty

How to use WordPress Customizer’s controls in post types

I want to create custom fields for my custom post types, but manually, without ACF or any other plugin. I thought it could be possible

Sum and count of custom field values

I need to be able to sum up all values of a specific custom field and then get the total count. For example, I have

Custom Post type loop with ACF not displaying properly

I’m having a problem displaying my custom post type in a WP_query loop, under my post thumbnail image I keep seeing signs (“>) like I’m

Get updated meta value after post update or published (custom post type) using hook

function corp_210517_save_post($post_id, $post, $update) { if ( defined( 'DOING_AUTOSAVE' ) && DOING_AUTOSAVE ) { return $post_id; } if( wp_is_post_revision( $post_id ) ) { return; }

WP REST API – Accessing meta fields

So I’m trying to work with the WP REST API. Using latest version of WP. I am using this in an external application and testing

Outputting an array of term meta values in a custom WooCommerce tab?

Forgive me – my WordPress/PHP skills are hilariously rudimentary, so I may not use the correct terminology. I have added a custom tab to the

Contact Form 7 List Building

i’m Graphic Designer and I was recently hired as a front-end at an agency. There I have a lot of demand for landing page with

Save custom user meta on registration

I’m trying to create my own registration form and adding phone number as required field and I would love to save that phone number as

User customising position of WordPress Featured Image

Is it possible to build an option in WordPress which allows user to customise placement of featured image? Currently the theme I am building, puts

Adding Show Less/More link to Custom Post Meta

So, I have a product post type with custom meta boxes. One of the meta box is for additional details. I can show the additional

Plugin idea: Global text variables

So I develop a lot of wordpress sites for clients and I strive to enable clients to change all the info on their website themselves,

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