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redirect to a custom URL after checkout based on checkbox value

I’m trying to redirect to a specific page after WooCommerce checkout page if the user check the checkbox. The checkbox: woocommerce_form_field( 'checkbox_yes', array( 'type' =>

custom fields used for blog, page and product Post types but values not saved when it is a woocommerce product post type

I have 3 custom fields (image_url, image_alt, attach_id) which are used to save values from a custom metabox for a specific kind of featured image

How do you retrive both key and value of checked boxes on the frontend for each post

i came across this today “Save metabox with multiple checkbox array” which helped me a lot, but i can’ figure out how to retrive both

How to create multiple editor?

I want to create multiple editors for my custom post type packages posts. That is for a 3 day package I want to add descriptions

Authors details such as social media links, emails etc → Is this Meta or something else?

The author section of my first WordPress theme is currently hard coded in HTML. See the live website here. This One. These social media Icons

What’s the best way to add taxonomy’s image in 2017?

Need to build image upload for custom taxonomies. I used Categories Images plugin before, but now I need 2 images and this plugin doesn’t fit

author global display format

Does someone know how to change format of the author link display? ie. Under Post Title i have meta fields where i display May 8th,

How to add custom wordpress user field linked to a new database column in the users mysql table?

I want to store additional information about users in the wordpress users table instead of using meta fields. For example, I created another field/database column

More than one Hierarchical Taxonomy and SEO

I don’t know if this is a good question or an incredibly stupid one. But I’ll ask anyway. Websites can’t have more than one hierarchical

Conditionally redirect to specific page using checkbox value

I added a custom checkbox in WooCommerce checkout page to redirect visitors to a specific page if the checkbox was checked. Checkbox in checkout page:

How and when would I implement some code which would take data from one part of the Db and put it in another?

My situation is that I have a display plugin I want to use which can read and display information from custom fields but the information

set and unset the custom field value

For the posts, I have a custom column ‘Featured Image’. And this column has a value YesOrNO. To set the column name : I have

How to add upload video option in wordpress for user?

I have a website developed on WordPress.The website is basically job portal. Here in my website two types of user candidate and employer. In my

Woocommerce Product Custom Select List (not variation)

I’m not asking anyone for a whole solution (although I’d gladly accept), but rather for someone to point me in the right direction as to

Extend WP_Customize_Image_Control to make multiple image selection possible

Is there a way to extend the default image selector, in order to enable multiple selection? This looks like what I want: I don’t

Adding Chosen Custom Attribute (pa_fieldname) to Cart, Checkout, and Email Order Items Template

Appreciate any help in advance. Environment is: WordPress 4.7.4 Debian Linux 8 WC 3.0.5 256M Memory I’ve tried a number of solutions including: Add custom

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