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Rewriting default post_type ‘post’?

Is it possible to rewrite default post_type’s slug & doesn’t affect other custom post type’s slug? I mean, if change the permalink on the WP-ADMIN

Custom post type is using the index.php template

Here i read that if i create a custom post type, WordPress will look to its specific template first, then it falls back to single.php.

How to add custom post type / post to Woocommerce

I have a custom post type called “books”, how can I make “book” buyable through Woocommerce.I have tried the below code which have been mentioned

Custom Post Type won’t show in Category Page

I have registered a custom post type in functions.php like this: function wpt_portfolio_posttype() { register_post_type( 'portfolio', array( 'labels' => array( 'name' => __( 'Portfolio' ),

Cheating, are we? Editor role not saving settings page for custom post type

I currently have a custom post type with a sub menu page (add_submenu_page). On this page I have a form with some basic settings such

Pagination on custom post type using WP_Query

I created code for pagination on custom post type. The following works for me. But remember When multiple loops (posts lists) are used in a

How can I switch entire page without reloading by 1 click

I want to create a new wordpress website like When user changes the switch, entire page is changed. Is there any plugin for this?

How to make id user can be view content

I have code <?php global $current_user; // Use global get_currentuserinfo(); // Make sure global is set, if not set it. if ( ! user_can( $current_user,

Error get_posts with Custom Taxonomy and OR relation

I’ve been stuck on this for hours… I did a var_dump($list_items) right before if ( $list_items ) { and it turns up empty, but a

WordPress Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and Tags

Here is a scenario for manufacturers, products and their categories that I am trying to setup in WordPress. 1- There are manufacturers, which have various

WordPress page not showing up – replaced with last 10 posts?

I’ve been working hard at a system to upload articles to. Specifically via a custom post who’s URL changes based on an ACF selection field.

Exclude Posts in a Given Category

I have a Query that is pulling the newest post from 4 different custom post types that have a given category associated with them. I

Exclue posts that are in a given catigory

I have a Query that is pulling the newest post from 4 different custom post types that have a given category associated with them. I

Is it possible to store Custom Post Type data in separate set of tables and still have wp_post class functionality?

I have a couple of custom post types (course and assignment) for an custom LMS plugin that I’m building. The course CPT represents content that

Custom permalink rewrite rules – how do I fix this?

I’ve spent about 6 days trying to research and decipher a way to have a custom post type’s permalink change based on an Advanced Custom

Why WordPress does not Use Separate Table for Post Types (When Registring)?

As I understand when we REGISTER (I am not talking about creating custom post types) custom post type WordPress not saved it in database. It

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