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Adding an UpVoting feature in WordPress

How would one go about implementing an upvote feature similar to Bored Panda ( or even The Artifice ( An up arrow that allows users

Passing ID to Translated Post in save_post

I have a method connected to save_post action, WPML is being used as a translation plugin, I am trying to find a way that once

Custom Search for Drafts in Custom Post Type

Is it possible to create a search page that will search for a keyword only in a custom post type that has the status “draft?”

Importing JSON feed giving Notice: Array to string conversion error

The problem and the code: I am relatively new to PHP/Wordpress and experiencing the following error even though the code is working correctly and creating

Search for dates on custom post types

I have a custom field called date started on my custom post type, I even added a datepicker. Now I want to search post according

Custom post type page template not working on WordPress multi-site

I’ve created my own WordPress theme with a custom guestbook post type. I’ve also enabled WordPress multi-site to create multiple sites with the same theme

Can’t see all products in WordPress admin

I can’t see all products in de WordPress admin. Does anybody know how I can solve this? The count above the list shows a higher

Quarry crusher application in limestone line

Quarry is a place where stone and sand are mined and then transported to some other places to be crushed. A quarry is divided into

Wp_Query for custom post type not showing properly

I have a Wp_Query to loop through my custom post types, however it seems to be wrong but I can’t see the mistake. After the

Page listing all categories for CPT

I have a custom post type called “services” with a category called “service_areas” and want to be able to pull up a page listing all

Created a loop for custom CPT UI post but the new post type is not showing on the custom page

Like the title says, I’m trying to post a custom post type to a custom page template called page-portfolio.php. My query loop for the post

How to call two or three Post Types using get_post_type()

I have two custom post types: news, films. I need to recall both of them more ‘post’ (one of the default post type). I want

Getting multiple custom post_types in one url

I’m getting a json feed from the JSON feed plugin through index.php/feed/json?post_type=posttype1. I would like to get multiple post_types in one url(e.g. index.php/feed/json?post_type=posttype1,posttype2). I’ve tried

Add word limit in wordpress posts editor

hey guys complete newbie over here and I wand to add an character limit in wordpress default text editor for posts. P.S I don’t want

Display custom post types with multiple page templates

I’ve created a custom post type like : register_post_type( 'foobar' , array( 'labels' => array( 'name' => __('Foobar'), 'singular_name' => __('Foobar') ), 'public' => true,

Custom post type loop split/ordered by taxonomy

I’m setting up a FAQs page. I’ve created a custom post type called “Questions” with a custom taxonomy called “Sections”. Within the sections I’ve created

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