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How do I make a custom post template the default of a custom post type (WORDPRESS)

Hello I’ve made my custom post type in wordpress, and made a custom post template for it, and I know that I can select the

Unwanted URL with Custom Post Type

I created a custom post type. It’s book and my url look like I show books on but there is how can

WordPress CPT 404 Error

Developing a new WP site for a client and created the CPT. Here is my issue, when you select view post (http://testurl/member-to-member-savings/discount-abc/) everything works as

Display specific content on singular custom post type

I’m trying to get a specific link to show in a php partial if it’s on a single-things.php page. I have the code in a

new WP_query > displays posts only once instead of running through full array

we added a custom query to our template which works fine. So we want to display all posts out of our array. But if we

Custom Field as Custom Post type element class

I have a “static page” (without WordPress, locally) which uses isotope.js in a section to filter the elements showing in this page, I use classes

Posts created using __( ‘string’, ‘text-domain’ ) not queriable

I created posts with custom post types, and it’s been working OK. Today I added __( ‘string’, ‘text-domain’ ) to my codes, and those custom

wordpress archive page for custom post type filtered by parent

I’m tring to create an archive page filtered by the parent content with custom post type. My wordpress structure is: cpt1: cpt1-1 cpt1-2 cpt1-1 i

Data not saved when the post is published

I have written a code for repeating metabox for a custom type post.But the data is not saved when i publish the post. here is

metadata fields value not saved when the custom post type is published

I have written a code for repeating metabox for a custom type post.But the data is not saved when i publish the post. here is

create a template page for a post

i am new in wordpress and i am sorry for my english. May be my title is wrong. sorry for that. My question is like

Grid view for users and posts admin pages

I’m looking for solution to have my users and post admin pages with a grid view option (like media library page) but with 4 columns.

WordPress Custom Post type roles

I have created a custom post type in wordpress and as admin I can do anything with this. But I want to create a role

What’s a better alternative to this code?

Having read ‘don’t use query_posts’, I’ve also read that it’s ok to use ‘for displaying a list of posts or custom-post-type posts on a page

Creating Custom post types from form entry

I’m trying to see if this is possible using custom post types. Basically There are 4 custom post types: 1)Forms 2)companies 3)items 4)bid evaluation 1)the

WordPress Custom Post with Isotope filtering

i have been following the instructions posted here regarding how to integrate isotope filtering with my custom post type. I currently completed all the

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