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WordPress Custom Hierarchical Taxonomy Archive page problem

I have a site with a custom post type called questions and a hierarchical custom taxonomy called agencies. A question will always belong to a

How to can view post with custom taxanomys like category or tags in the same template?

Where is chosen which templates load, für Post View. The normal way loads index.php when is taxanaomy he loads category.php how can i set that

Terms change id after importing

I’m using WP import/export function. In exported XML file term_id is 4, but it becomes random number after import which is breaking my widgets structure.


I do not have much knowledge on wordpress, but learned watching in codex, and tutorials , but I cannot find the way to show my

Taxonomy On Index Page

I cannot find the way to show my “taxonomy in the index”, i don’t know how i can display the post, not by default ,

Custom taxonomy column sortable by term option

So I add my custom column like this: function add_webshops_columns($columns){ $key = "slug"; if (array_key_exists($key, $columns)) { $new = array(); foreach ($columns as $k =>

How to create taxonomy without using register_taxonomy () function

I am working on a plugin where I have to create taxonomy. But due to my requirement with little bit complexity, I have to create

Taxonomy list with pagination

Hi first of all sorry for my english, not my first language 😀 I need some help with the pagination in my performer-list page template

How to show the parent posts with an empty child if the custom taxonomy filter has the child selected?

I have a directory plugin with a custom taxonomy for locations that includes following levels country>state>city . I have listings that are statewide and nationwide

Add attribute / custom attribute to product in woocommerce

I have products from some API and want to insert these products. I was able to insert products and use already existing attributes ( or

display one post out of each term of custom taxonomy

I would like to display one post (oldest, but that’s not that important for now) out of each of the custom category except one (called

display one post out of each custom category (aka "term of custom taxonomy")

I would like to display one post (oldest, but that’s not that important for now) out of each of the custom category except one (called

Is it possible to use one slug for Multiple Taxonomies?

I have a situation where i have a lot of tags and i want to add custom taxonomies to sort them. But the thing is

Terms Per Page in custom taxonomy Admin

How can i show all the terms on one page in wp admin area. I have Custom taxonomy called brand and i want to get

Problem with Custom Taxonomy and permalink

I have a Custom Post called “Vins” which has a taxonomy “Gammes”. Thanks to “Custom Post Type Permalinks” plugin, the permalink for a post is

WooCommerce 3.0 – sort by featured by default

The _featured custom field was removed in WooCommerce 3.0 in favor of taxonomy, breaking the woocommerce_get_catalog_ordering_args filter. Is there any way to sort products by

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