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custom texonomy category child category list with parent head

hello i just want to make a list of custom child category list under the parent and the parent as a header as bellow Read

custom taxonomy category child category list with parent head

hello i just want to make a list of custom child category list under the parent and the parent as a header as below Read

pagination for list category posts ( Custom post type )

I have showed the lists of category with posts but how can i add pagination ? For example : i have three category and each

wordpress post filter using Ajax

I created a new post type called products and i create a new taxonmy for this product called product_cat. register_taxonomy( 'product_cat', array( 'product' ), $args

Retrieving an intersection of two terms from two different custom taxonomies via API

Running the current version of the API via the WP core and the rest-filter plugin I’m trying to retrieve a set of posts at the

Help, wordpress post related content

first of all, English is not my native language I want to see if anyone can help me I’m using wordpress and Novavideo theme, and

Export taxonomy (newsletter) with image tag?

I want to export my taxonomies from wordpress to xml. I get the xml, but i dont get the imagetag where i have attached a

Filtering posts by an already registered taxonomy

register_taxonomy_for_object_type() allows you to “Add an already registered taxonomy to an object type.”. I’d like to use The Events Calendar taxonomy as an additional taxonomy

Taxonomy Loops | Showing Duplicate Data

I am Looping over two taxonomies to get all the posts attached to the respective taxonomies. However in the second taxanomy I get duplicate data.

How to add a style to taxonomy edit page

Is there anyway to load a custom style in specific taxonomy pages? for example these two pages: wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=news-category&post_type=news wp-admin/term.php?taxonomy=news-category&.. I added a style to admin

Get Posts via Taxonomy Term Name with Space

I am trying to retrieve all the post associated with my custom taxonomy term. My custom taxonomy is “Stores”. I am using the following code.

update term ID (stored as post meta value) when exporting/importing posts

I made a plugin that I use for my resume. There is a job post type; which has a job_partner taxonomy. Each time I add

Custom taxonomy archive template not recognised

I have a custom post type, named ‘products’, it has a custom taxonomy that is called ‘collecitons’. This is how I have registered the taxonomy.

Query posts by taxonomy with current term

Is there a way to get posts by taxonomy with specifing the current term. My post type is (listings), and my taxonomy is (region) I

Get custom taxonomy for visual composer shortcode but not working?

I created a shortcode visual composer get post by custom taxonomy. But when I get all custom taxonomy (for dropdown category on visual backend editor)

too many taxonomy category issue

I’ve inserted over 20.000 product taxonomy categories. Nearly first 700 items are being displayed in the backend but when I’m trying to see more pages,

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